Gstaad Amazing Race

A Sports and Adventure Program
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Gstaad Amazing Race

Modeled after the popular television reality series, “Gstaad Outdoors’ Amazing Race” is an outstanding team building event combining communication skills, planning, strategy, teamwork, and a race against the clock.

Anyone can participate as no particular skills, athletic ability or experience is required. This exclusive corporate team building event is available in Gstaad or at other locations in Switzerland, and customizable to better meet the needs of your group.

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    The "Gstaad Outdoors Amazing Race" is a one-day adventure program with competition elements and suited for all age groups. It is a useful tool for team building and creates the conditions for a cozy gathering among friends and colleagues in a spectacular environment.

    In the course of the race, the teams have to search for "Route Markers" and will then determine the shortest route to the next destination or attractions in the region. At each destination, the team members decide who will face the diverse challenges posed to them, for example, completing a mountain bike obstacle course or affront the climbing wall.

    The Amazing Race can be carried out in different places, from urban areas to lonely huts in the deserted mountain world.

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    Group Size and Organisation

    Groups from 8 to several 100 can participate at once. Groups are typically split into 2 teams (reds vs. yellows) then again into mini-teams whose goal it is to work together to complete the race in as little time as possible. Throughout the course mini-teams will come across a variety of signs:

    • “Route Markers” mark the location of additional route information.
    • “Road Blocks” outline a specific task one person on each team must complete before moving on.
    • “Detours” give a choice of 2 tasks your entire team must complete before moving on.
    • “Pit Stops” are the places to stop, regroup, relax and to enjoy snacks and refreshers.
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  • Party and Prize giving Ceremony

    At the conclusion of the race, prizes will be awarded. Our outdoor coach will tabulate results to determine both a mini-team winner and an overall team winner (reds vs. yellows).

    We propose the party in various forms. From a simple evening in a hut to culinary gourmet dîners or exclusive galas with amazing shows.

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