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Summer Activities

Gstaad is also during summers an ideal place for the organization of company events and team incentives. For this reason, we offer a series of engaging programs for team building and strengthening the sense of togetherness during the «green» season. Our summer activities include sporting challenges which can be combined with various other tasks.

Everyone can participate independently of specific abilities and experiences or physical fitness.

  • Gstaad Summer Activities - Team Spirit and Team Work

    Our team events are designed in such a way that all participants are involved and motivated to do their best for the team. The program is structured in a way that everyone can enjoy it.

    The proposed activities shall:

    • Strengthen team spirit;
    • Promote result oriented thinking;
    • Provide a relaxed environment for social networking
    • The result in an unforgettable experience for all participants.

    Program Description

    Programs with summer team activities can be realized as semi- or full-day events for groups of different sizes in all mountain sports areas in Switzerland and neighboring countries. Possible sites in Switzerland are, in addition to Gstaad, St. Moritz, Arosa, Davos, Laax-Flims, Engelberg, Lenk, Grindelwald, Adelboden, Villars, Leysin, Verbier and Crans- Montana.


    Programs with summer team activities can be designed as simple excursions with sports and fun elements or as competitions. They are suitable for small and medium-sized teams.

    The proposed program is a soft „competition“ which contains various components that require the full physical and mental engagement of all participants. The willingness to leave their comfort zones, physical fitness, mental concentration and a result oriented team behavior will be decisive on the groups’ performance and its contribution to the overall competition results of the “Nation” (structure for groups with a high number of participants). The teams compete in the following areas:

  • Examples of Program Elements

    For our programs in the summer, a number of elements are available, which can be arranged according to the company's objectives and priorities, as well as the abilities of the participants. As a rule, they are combined with a scenic hike or a mountain bike trip.

    Word Puzzle

    The word puzzle is the starting point of the team competition. The teams are given a series of letter groups from which they have to create short words of 3 to 4 characters each. The teams will be allowed to enter the next phase of the competition only after they have completed the full puzzle of about 20 words. At this post, the teams’ ability to use their joint Intellectual capabilities and to work with a standard methodology will be tested. It is up to the teams to decide whether the puzzle will be solved together as a team or whether each team member works individually on a set of letters. Results measured at this post is either time spent to solve the puzzle and number of correct words created in a given time frame.


    In this position, the participants are equipped with a fishing rod and instructed how to catch fish. The goal is for each group member to catch a fish within a given time and to prepare it for eating later.

    This post requires lots of patience and skill from the participants. Result measured is the time spent for grabbing a fish.

    Gstaad Angeln

    Precision Shooting

    Depending on the possibilities of the terrain we can employ different types of tools for this precision shooting. Ideally, we can use curling stones or ice sticks which have to be moved to a precise target area. Alternatives are hitting golf or tennis balls from a distance in a ring and dart shooting. Concentration and inner calm play a vital role to achieve good results in this post. The participants contribute to the team results with their respective number of hits or the total of the darts shooting marks.

    Alphorn Blowing

    This is a post where participants can demonstrate their skills as musicians. The goal is to produce a few sounds with the Alphorn, a “typical” instrument of the Swiss mountain culture. Within a time limit, each team member will have the opportunity to blow the Alphorn and hopefully succeed in releasing some tunes and thus generate some valuable points for his team’s results. This post provides an excellent opportunity for self-observation and to find out how to deal with unusual situations when under pressure while being watched by colleagues and other competitors. Results measured are the number of tunes with a certain duration produced within the given period.

    Visit of the Cheese Cave

    This is a post for the “gourmets” in the team. Here they can prove their culinary know-how while tasting and evaluating fine food. All team members will be served a variety of different cheeses. With the support of a “multiple choice” answering sheet, the team decides which type of cheese was tasted. Only one answer per group and type of cheese is accepted. Results measured are the number of cheese types correctly identified.

    Gstaad Käse Grotte

    Terrain Race

    At the Terrain Race, the teams complete a course adapted to the terrain with different "bikes and scooters". Each team member decides his "vehicle" of choice. The choice of equipment, driving technique, and tactics, as well as calculated risk, are the decisive factors for securing the victory, within the group and as a team. Results measured are driving times.

    Roller Abfharten in Gstaad

    Winter Team Challenge "Finals"

    Depending on the number of participants the Summer Team Challenge will be concluded with a final race. Typically this final is set up in elimination style. In the first round, all those qualified from each „Nation“ compete against each other. After this round, the losing half of the participants are eliminated. From this point onwards the remaining team members fight for the title. Depending on time and number of people selected for the finals it will take 3 to 4 more rounds until the champion and the winning teams are known. All other participants will be invited to support and applaud their team representatives in the competition area.

    Party in a Mountain Lodge

    At the end of the outdoor event, the successes are celebrated and the experiences of the day are exchanged. In a rustic hut on the mountain, the participants enjoy typical Swiss mountain specialties; e.g., salads, dried meat, cheese fondue, and meringue with cream and ice cream. Drinks include white wine and black tea as well as some clear liquors from the region for digestion. For entertainment, live groups or a DJ can be hired.

    As the participants usually remain in the area after program completion, they return to the village in the night either by scooter or by mountain bike and in some instances by cable car.

    Spezialitäten vom Berg

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