Events à la Carte

Tailor Made and Exclusive
  • Gstaad Events à la Carte

    With our company programs, we want to convey experiences that inspire employees and customers. The events are intended to increase the degree of identification with the business and the employer and to reward the participants for their commitment to the enterprise.

    Below are some are examples from our "Events à la Carte" projects. All events were developed and produced according to the customer's expectations and goals.

    Leadership and Mobility

    As part of the leadership training program of a renowned, international telecommunication firm we created and organized a special experiential coaching program to reinforce the theme "mobility in all circumstances and situations of life". The main purpose of this program was to prepare future leaders for their new responsibilities within national and international business units in multicultural surroundings.

    Event in Jurten

    Themes such as personal and physical flexibility, mental and spiritual balance, culinary and cultural diversity, role behavior and self-motivation, the importance of global thinking and local acting were debated or in indoor and outdoor exercises experienced. Well prepared for their new assignments the 30 participants were now ready to tackle their next career steps.

    One Mission - One Message - One Team

    To communicate the key elements of the company strategy and to reinforce the meaning of important corporate values we designed and organized the annual kick off meeting of a leading PC manufacturer. Our task was to stage the key corporate messages and to provide possibilities to emotionally experience corporate values based team work.

    Airboard Chaellenge

    A special theme oriented infotainment program and an adventurous outdoor "team challenge" were the key elements used to effectively communicate the short and long term strategic priorities to the workforce. Well informed, fully motivated and with lots of enthusiasm and engagement the customer's 150 employees were now ready to successfully confront the challenges to meet the ambitious targets.

    Corporate Infotainment in Studio 1 of the TV SRF

    For a large internationally operating software developer we designed and organized the annual key account event to communicate company news to their major customers and strategic partners and to reward them for the good cooperation over the past year.

    SAP Schweizer Fernsehen

    From "time stopper" to invitation, from a show production with infotainment elements to culinary highlights and a sweeping late night party everything was part of our mandate. More than 1'500 thrilled participants experienced an unforgettable night in a very special setting.

    A musical and culinary Journey through the 20th Century

    On the occasion of the national customer congress of an important Swiss telecommunication company we designed and organized an entertaining social and cultural program. The guests were invited to join their hosts on a journey through the 20th century and were surprised with a five course "Gourmet Menu" with specialties from the various time periods of this century.

    Show Can Can

    A dance show with special light effects provided the entertaining background to this journey. Over 500 participants from large Swiss companies joined this journey and shared many nostalgic memories of the „good old times".