Gstaad Outdoors – About Us

We are a small professional provider of ski coaching programs and of outdoor as well as infotainment events for corporate customers.

In Gstaad, we propose private ski coaching and powder ski training for private individuals and groups. For corporate customers we develop and organize attractive outdoor incentives and team building activities with competitive sports elements, and corporate meetings and conferences.

Gstaad Outdoors was founded in 1996 by Chris Werren and is located in Oeschseite near Gstaad.

Gstaad - Come Up Slow Down

Our Powder Ski Offer – Skiing in Perfect Snow

Powder skiing or freeriding is for us more than a sports activity. It is the opportunity to propose some relaxing moments in the undisturbed mountain terrain and to offer our guests great skiing days on untouched snowfields and in wild forests.

Our ski coaching programs and freeriding training have been designed to support guests in making true backcountry skiing a reality for them.

Our Ski Trips – Mountain Sports Dreams Come True

Organizing and running ski programs and freeride trips to exotic destinations are important parts of our operation. Be it the Himalaya powder ski programs in Gulmarg, Kashmir or the ski trips to Ushuaia in Argentina or to Iceland.

Our ski trips provide skiers with opportunities to enjoy their preferred sport in remote and unknown areas and to become acquainted with foreign cultures.

Our Company Programs – Inspiring Events

Our outdoor incentives and company events provide organizations with possibilities to offer their employees and customers unforgettable moments in an exceptional mountain area. We provide a powerful platform to build and strengthen relationships and to promote team spirit and team work, and it is also a means to say “thank you”!

Our Goal – Create Memorable Experiences

With our ski coaching programs and freeride training we want to support participants in building and improving their backcountry skiing skills so that they can fully enjoy days outside of groomed slopes.

With our powder ski trips we want to create opportunities for skiers to discover new spots where they can enjoy their favorite sport in exceptional areas and mountain terrains.

With our corporate programs and team events we want to offer the best conditions to strengthen brand loyalty, to improve teamwork and for rewarding employees and customers.


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