Freeriding Equipment

The right Material to Ski in the Backcountry
Gstaad Backcountry Skiing

Ski Equipment for Gstaad

The proper freeride equipment is essential for all those who plan their first turns in the powder snow and also for their safety in the backcountry.

Below we list the recommended parts:

  • Properly equipped in the Powder Snow

    Below you will find our equipment recommendations for skiing in powder skiing. Whether in Gstaad, Gulmarg in the Himalayas, in Zermatt, Chamonix or the Arlberg, without the right equipment it is only half as much fun!

    Proper Powder Skis

    Probably the most important equipment item is a real powder ski. It is, of course, possible to ski in the deep snow with typical carving skis, however, it is strength and energy consuming and in our opinion no fun, not even for expert skiers. We recommend therefore to bring a freeride ski with a width of at least 100mm under the foot, like for example the Voelkl Katana V-Werks or the Voelkl Mantra.

    Suitable Freeride Bindings

    For our training, there is no need for skis with touring bindings, however, skiers who plan to purchase new freeride skis should always buy bindings with a “hike function” for short ascents, like for example the Marker Duke or Baron. For people planning to do more extensive touring we recommend the Marker Tour. Details you find here: Overview Marker Bindings

    Poles for Backcountry Skiing

    When skiing in the deep snow we recommend using adjustable poles with large baskets. We recommend Black Diamond carbon poles: Black Diamond Poles Overview

    Pulverschnee fahren am Hornberg in Gstaad

    Fitting Ski Boots

    A comfortable boot is another very critical equipment item for backcountry skiers – the boots must fit! Today guests have the choice between alpine boots, hybrid boots or touring boots. For skiers who spend 70% of their time on powder descents and on groomed slopes and who occasionally do short tours or hikes of up to 4 hours an alpine or hybrid boot will be perfect. We recommend boots of the Fischer Vacuum Series. Fischer Boots Overview

    Avalanche Equipment with Backpack

    For backcountry skiers, a complete “avalanche safety pack” is a must! The pack must include an avalanche beacon, an alu shovel with a long handle and a probe of 240cm length, for high alpine terrain 320cm would be more appropriate. We recommend Ortovox products: Ortovox Avalanche Emergency Products

    To carry the above items a suitable backpack is required. For beginners, a daypack with a volume of 22l will be enough, however, in the long run, the purchase of a real avalanche backpack should be envisaged. We recommend therefore to buy a small "avalanche airbag ready backpack" which can easily be upgraded with the airbag at a later stage. We use backpacks with the snowpulse system. Mammut Avalanche Backpacks

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