Ski Coaching in Gstaad

The Path to perfect Skiing
Gulmarg Himalaya Backcountry

Skiing in all Terrain!

With our ski coaching, we want to enrich the skiing experience of our guests and provide them with motivating moments of success.

The path to a perfect skiing technique and to the ability to ski in the backcountry does not primarily consist of permanent drills or of repetitive exercises to learn a different type of skiing. It is more about building on existing skiing skills and complementing them with powder skiing specific movements.

  • Our Coaching Goal – Strengthening the existing Skiing Stile

    With our coaching method, we support our guests in stabilizing their existing skiing technique and in developing their skiing style so that they will be able to ski competently and safely in every terrain.

    The Profile of a Perfect Skier

    To develop a personal “all-round skiing style” skiers must address the following points:

    • - Establish their own preferred skiing style
    • - Identify their distinct terrain and slope preferences
    • - Optimize the interaction of body movements, ski use, and terrain options
    Coaching Focus – Enhance existing Skills

    Why optimize the existing skiing style instead of teaching new techniques? Most guests who are interested in our programs have learned to ski some time ago, either by themselves or in a ski school. The acquired skills are stored in their long-term memory and can only be altered with massive efforts.

    As it takes a long time until entirely new techniques become routine our coaching method concentrates on enhancing the skiing techniques our guests are already mastering. This approach guarantees rapid progress and assures that guests can enter the backcountry after a few days and will be in a position to make turns there.

    To prepare participants in our ski coaching program for backcountry skiing the following areas must be addressed:

    Personal Skiing Style Stabilization

    The first step in the ski coaching process is to make the participants aware of their way of skiing. Once they have completed this step, the confidence in their skiing technique grows, and they are now ready to try out new movements which they will start to integrate into their day to day skiing. Confidence in one’s skiing style is the first step in making powder skiing a reality.

    Perfecting the Turns

    Good skiers are capable of making proper turns and to control their speed in any terrain and at all difficulty levels. Regularity in the size of the curves, rhythm in the movements and speed control are core elements of a perfect turn and will be adequately trained in our ski coaching sessions.

    The ability to execute turns correctly in all situations is a prerequisite for skiing in the deep snow.

    Body Position Adjustments

    The biggest challenge in making proper powder skiing turns is to keep the body in balance and to shift the body weight correctly. The correct body position is critical!

    When we are skiing in the backcountry we stand centered in the “middle position” on the ski, our body is in a flexed position ready to move, and the weight is equally balanced on both skis. Ankle, knee and hip joints are loose and ready to move.

    In our ski coaching process, we will propose adjustments to the body position. Exercises in balance management and proper body/ski weight shifting for powder skiing are part of this ski coaching session.

    Pulverschnee Technik

    After a couple of days on groomed slopes and first successful turns in the backcountry, the participants in our coaching programs will be ready to explore powder snow terrain on their own.