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By participating in our powder ski training the first step in making the dream of skiing in deep snow a reality has become true. In our courses, we teach the basics of off-piste skiing and coach participants in becoming competent freeriders.

The ski areas in Gstaad are ideally suited to introduce people into the secrets of skiing in untouched terrain.

Skiers who are capable of making controlled and constant turns on groomed red slopes are ready to start skiing in the backcountry. With professional coaching and the right freeriding skis, it will only take them a couple of days till they can enjoy the pleasures of skiing in deep powder snow!

Chris Werren

  • Course Schedule and Location

    Our powder ski training courses are available from the end of October till early May, the “classic” 4-day module from Monday to Thursday and the “intensive” 6-day module from Monday to Saturday. Individual starting days can be arranged.

    From the end of November till mid-April we run our courses in Saanenmöser (sector 1), in early November and at the end of the season on the Glacier 3000.

    Number of Participants

    Our typical group size is 6 persons, courses can also be run with only 3 participants. When we have less than 3 participants a small group surcharge may apply.

    Pulverschnee fahren in Gstaad

    Accommodation in Gstaad

    We run our powder ski training in areas with terrain that is best suited for our participants. The most versatile terrain for beginners and intermediate powder skiers is in Saanenmöser. Here there are also a number of ski in/ski out lodging options available. More information can be found here: Hotels in Saanenmöser

    Course Fees

    We propose two options, the “classic” course with 4 ski days and the “intensive” course with 6 ski days. The courses can be booked as “training only” modules or as “full-service programs” which include hotel, breakfast and dinner for 5 or 7 nights and the lift pass for 4 or 6 days.

    Course Option “Classic” with 4 Ski Days
    • 4 ski days with coach CHF 500 per person
    • 4 ski days full-service package from CHF 1‘490 per person

    Course Option “Intensive” with 6 Ski Days
    • 6 ski days with coach CHF 750 per person
    • 6 ski days full-service package from CHF 2’150 per person
    Ski Clinics Glacier 3000
  • Course Program

    In our freeride clinics, we prepare participants for skiing in the backcountry. In a step by step approach they will be taught the necessary powder skiing techniques and the code of conduct to ski competently and safely outside of controlled areas. The below mentioned daily teaching elements will be adapted to the participants’ skill levels and to their training progress.

    The courses start at 09.00h am and last 6 hours per day.

    Course Schedule Module “Classic”

    Die Kurse beginnen jeweils um 09.00h und dauern 6 Stunden pro Tag.

    Day 1
    • Introduction to the slopes and warm up turns
    • Skill level assessment of each participant
    • Discovering and stabilizing the individual skiing style
    • Building trust in one’s personal skiing skills

    Day 2
    • Explanation and demonstration of powder skiing techniques
    • Optimization of the body position and stabilization of body balance
    • Exercises for body balance shifting and proper edge use
    • First runs in the backcountry near groomed slopes

    Day 3
    • How to react in avalanche incidents
    • Explanation and demonstration of avalanche search and rescue methods
    • Field exercises for beacon, shovel and probe usage
    • Reading and interpreting the avalanche bulletin
    • First extended descents in the backcountry

    Day 4
    • Full day of powder skiing

    Course Schedule Module “Intensive”

    In this module, detailed knowledge is provided on risk assessment in the terrain and participants enjoy another ski day on the mountain or a ski tour.

    Day 1 to 4
    • Identical with module “classic”

    Day 5
    • Powder skiing in the area
    • Introduction to the 3x3 avalanche risk management system
    • Tips for safe route selection
    • Theory on snowpack evaluation
    • Execution and interpretation of snow stability tests

    Day 6
    • Full day of powder skiing or ski tour in the area

    Registration and further information here: Phone: +41-33-534-93-01, email: